A Conversation

Sitting on the window seat of an aircraft,
She said my poems are nice.
This coming from her, I felt ecstatic.
It had been a while since we talked,
Thought this was a good ice-breaker.
A conversation began.
It all took me almost a year back,
When we used to share our daily routines,
Which is why, we don’t talk often now.
There was no suspense anymore,
No will to know more.
Boring it had seemed to be.
But not that day,
Although she seemed sleepy,
My eyes too red with strain,
Reasons plenty to list down,
But we still carried on,
‘Cause it was a nice feeling.
2 hours went by and she slept off at last.
Looking at her,
So peaceful and sweet,
Even after all that happened then,
Gave me courage.
Recalled, when she was all I wanted,
Only to realize,
I always had her but,
Maybe it was just prolonged.
The distance made me stronger,
Helped me overcome.
Now being happy for what we have,
It could have gone worse,
ruining what we cherished.
A friendship undying.