A Note to the World

They want to fight?
Give them a war so they may demise
sucker punches aren't your game.

Your respect goes unacknowledged?
Stop and put those bitches where they belong,
equality is not their zone.

Humans are not entitled to humanity
so quit expecting, start sabotaging.

Be a beast and stop at nothing; for no one
Conquest be your only thought; only vision.

What are you trying to do by fixing the world?
While you are getting eaten up by the good in you.

The world is irreparably blind
except to one thing: Success.
Success and sex are craved for
Unfortunately reserved for the apex, only.

You are insignificant
but what you possess is nuclear artillery.
Don't waste it on these imbeciles
Simply put it on display and they are yours.

You don't need an army to be a commander.
Who you are is invariable.
What you make of it is questionable.
Don't offer space for that.

If it doesn't involve pussy, money or glory
just don't.

Use your heart only for biological processes,
Don't listen to that motherfucker.

It's okay to leave behind a few fecal whores
The legacy you'll leave behind is worthy.

Alright, I'm done talking to myself.

Cover image by Nickendra S