A Twisted Game, Love

I am done pretending that some day you are going to come back and tell me that all that you said was a lie and you had always loved me.

This is what we do.

We hope.

We believe.

We trust ourselves, thinking that someday that person will come back and all those miserable days will be a nightmare. But what are the odds for that to happen?

We think that someday we will wake up and realise how terribly stupid we were to still love that person. But that day never comes. If every breathe of your day starts with them, you think that having hope is the best thing to do. You know, that there is a time your hope will die and all you will be left is with tears?

Does that help you kill feelings for a person? I don't think so. Love is not a thing that would just vanish away in a second as soon as you realise that the person whom you love is never going to love you back or is never going to see you again.

Love is not about being loved back, it's about how well you can open up to a person and still not feel ripped. It's about how well you know them. It's about crying each day in pain and still never regretting those tears because when you see that person, it's like your eyes are filled with the brightness of their love and not the tears of pain.

Love is not about owning someone. It's about how each and every flaw in them gets you alive. It's like how every small detail about them makes you think.

Love is a twisted game where you don't worry about winning and coming first, you worry about losing - a loss that may create deep wounds in you.