A Walk Along the Shoreline

I’ve had this fascination with shores ever since I could remember. Probably the result of endless summers spent on beaches while visiting my grandparents. As a kid I was mesmerized by the way the waves caressed the sand on the edge of the beach. Erasing all impurities and lines, leaving the sand pristine and creaseless, as though it had never been walked on or even touched beforehand. This act of nature had me awe struck. Later on, it got me thinking about how our life is nothing but one long walk on the shoreline.

We spend each day doing things with the utmost of care and perfection, irked when even a tiny element of our perfectly balanced world gets disturbed. Don’t get me wrong. Even I spent ages doing the same and still do it most of the time. Then one day I realized that all we do in a day or even in a period of time is there or matters to us only for that specific time period. Then similar to the waves, which cleanse the sand; time erases our doing and we wake up with new priorities and easily discard what was once important to us. Such is the doing of time.

It is with this in mind that I call life a walk along the shoreline, a walk in which our doings are repeatedly erased, leaving us with a clean slate to start over again.