The InkHigh Dream

For the rebel who knows to articulate
For the writer who is fed by a pen
For the patron in search of quality
InkHigh is your first home.

What if we could write, write with a churning passion?
Would we want the masterpiece gone unread? 

InkHigh - a union where the elite present and receive the best of the deserved appreciation without a pinch of disregard; for all men
indulging are the ones with a thirst afire for uncontaminated, original
and fundamentally disruptive ideas.

A culture where no literary magician is hailed above one another leads to the unveiling of the doubtful geniuses and that is the driving philosophy Inkhigh is built on. No likes and dislikes.

Say what you want to say. Read what you want to read.

Who said Santa Claus is not real? Every artist’s talent is a gift from God to humanity and we are making sure it reaches every doorstep or screen. What is life without art and music? Only with the involvement of what brings joy; surviving become thriving. We are just making Christmas is done right, all year around. Answering what-ifs have become our all-time favourite. What if art could be savoured by all? What if it could be displayed by all - the ones that make a lot of noise and the ones trying to? Without the fear of being judged, ever? Shakespeare said, “All the world is a stage.” We are making all the world a stage.

What started as an exclusive platform in an attempt to create a community of authors being able to express their true voice, or even better help them find their true voice in 2016 stands as a community of poets, authors, musicians and performers from a whole other spectrum. The idea was to create an unbiased haven for truth and vulnerability to find solace in, through whatever form and medium of expression. The website was InkHigh’s initial shot at helping a gifted one reach a patron from the region of literature. After having had a good run for a year, it went defunct. But, hey, the Pheonix rises from the ashes and so it did. Bigger and better, what you may even call as open mics. InkHigh entered the open mic market in 2017 December, in the land of opportunities, not America, Chennai and it has been a happy ride since then; moving into multiple cities and leaving a footprint. Have you seen people’s faces when they see a large, engaging crowd showering undiluted love? We have and it’s addicting.

Contact: +91 9047599141, +91 9940035159
Address: Apt. No. 3168, Estancia Township, Guduvanchery - 603203