All is Not Fair in Love and War

All is not reasonable in adoration and war

Individuals say that adoration never fizzles, that all is reasonable in adoration and war.

All things considered, how would you know, what adoration can or can not do?

Furthermore, on the off chance that all is reasonable in affection and war, then

Why does somebody generally wind up getting hurt?

I know my affection will never fizzle,

Since I cherish you with my entire existence and soul,

Since I would give my life for you,

What's more, all that I am or have quite recently to be with you.

Be that as it may, I can not be reasonable to all

Since all is not reasonable in affection and war.

I wish to hurt nobody, so I don't,

Be that as it may, thus, I hurt myself.

My heart needs to be with you to such an extent

But then I wish to hurt nobody.

So I don't, I don't admit my affection for you,

I keep it bolted inside,

Also, as a companion I stay close by.

My affection for you remains always immaculate and unaltered.

I cherish you, Yes, I do, with everything that is in me and soul,

With all that I am and plan to be only for you.

My heart, untamed and wild, longing to consider the possibility that.

In any case, it's sliced down in the middle by the adoration I feel for both.

My heart has a place with you however just half,

Since I gave the other half away to him.

Presently I languish over my adoration, for both are awesome,

Be that as it may, one and only one I wish I could be with until the end of time.

All is not reasonable in affection and war,

So I cherish you both and endure much,

Since my heart is injured, torn down the middle.

I cannot talk about my profound adoration for you,

I cannot admit my emotions to you.

So I go ahead with my life imagining nothings incorrectly.

Why must I go ahead without your affection?

It's confidence, I figure, that I endure so.

It's predetermination to love you so.