Breaking the Lock Breaker's Code - An Apple a Day Doesn't Keep the TROJAN Away

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Entrapped in the circular mental trap laid by TROJAN, my mind had swerved to my previous encounters with TROJAN. How he had framed me for flicking his Rs.500; how he flicked his own things from people who borrowed from him, and extracted the same from them. These were just some of the many. I now wanted to understand the modus operandi of TROJAN and the factor that drove him to these corrupt actions. In almost all of the cases, his wretched alter ego emerged only when he was psychologically offended. When he thought his internal psychological reputation was compromised, he had to extract it somehow and he did. Extracted it somehow by hook or crook, extracted it with a repercussion so dire that can permanently scar the victim in many ways. In each of the crookery he committed, a ‘status compromising’ trivial fight was the spark, at least that what’s I thought to get my mind moving.

Ecstasy flooded the deep rationality in me, when I discovered that TROJAN did have a trivial ‘status compromising’ verbal duel with Akmal, months before. From numerous sources, the object of interest was an Apple Ear Pod which had been possessed by both the parties. When TROJAN had lost his ear pod, he wanted to artfully snatch it from Akmal. When there was a quarrel between the two, TROJAN strategically and eloquently won over Akmal and obtained his ear pod referring to marks that weren’t there. It seemed that when he placed it in his room, he too was supposedly subjected to thievery. How ironic! This thievery wasn’t something where TROJAN lost his ear pod at least worthy of hitting 3000 INR, but something much costlier, something so valuable he wouldn’t mind getting his hands dirty, that very something was his own egotistic pride which plummeted in that personal catastrophe. That something was that very ear pod that drove TROJAN to tactfully foxily acquire it from Akmal despite him lacking sufficient evidence against him. After all, who would confine to some mere evidence if your lingering impulse of accusation is what drives you to the gravest of corners. A very simple, yet a dark psychotic modus operando.