As I Stand Here Waiting

The world continues moving on,

yet, I wish it could move in reverse.

Who have I gotten to be, where is the place I have gone?

I don't recognize what goes on inside my own head.

I am not this individual I have ended up being,

I never was and thought I never would be.

This is another person,

This is not me.

My needs have changed,

I esteem things that once implied practically nothing.

I hunt down things to fill the crevice,

in any case, just discover things that are hesitant.

Bliss in one night bundles,

is the thing that fills my life now.

I'm not certain why,

I'm not certain how.

I need more,

be that as it may, do I merit it?

This fight is rehashed inside my head,

be that as it may, I will never genuinely let it out.

I know I could accomplish more

I know I could be more prominent.

Be that as it may, in my own particular head,

I am an expert debater.

I'm so apprehensive of coming up short,

that while I conceal that is precisely what I'm doing.

I have such a large number of trusts and dreams,

be that as it may, are any of them even worth seeking after?

Imagine a scenario where I fall all over.

Before everybody I know and love?

Yet, of course I could be superior to anything I anticipate,

go past or more.

You never recognize what's in store,

just what has happened before.

Keeping in mind the end goal to make your future what you need,

you better live in the present while it endures.

Grab every day,

furthermore, do what makes you glad.

For nobody can see what lays ahead,

whether it be incredible or crappy.

I may not know who I have gotten to be,

be that as it may, I do know who I need to be.

I need to be available in my life,

no all the more being a truant.

What's done is done,

what's more, the future lays before us.

The old me,

I will repossess.