At the intersection

At the intersection they parted ways;
With a want for closure that forever stays .
For all they wished for was happy days;
What caused this mess? Well, the "little affrays" .
The day was dull as their own plight ;
No sign of zeal was anywhere in sight.
Oh! How their sullenness the ambience did highlight;
In their hearts they both knew this wasn't right.
The heart told the brain there was a lot left unsaid;
But the impulse from the brain, it got so dead.
Unwilling to speak as their eyes turned red;
Overflown with emotion paranoid addle heads.
He said nothing for he was at fault ;
She said nothing for " he " was at fault .
As all their thought process came to a halt;
They wondered if they could repair the road with some asphalt.
Lovers in love ought never be practical ;
The feeling, the exuberance is all so mystical.
Realisation dawned upon them but for a moment;
Practicality came to forefront as they gave up on commitment.
Reiterating in their minds, the love , the memories, without a single aberration.

Love had lost to logic once again as they parted ways at the intersection.