Barbie flu

Barbie flu.
Two weeks back, I came across a video, dealing with living dolls. The idea about it got me puzzled and I was promptly dropped into the concept. It was quite appalling to know that numerous people actually sacrifice their individuality to just look like a barbie or a sex doll.

Tyrant Vyrus
Tyrant Vyrus, popularly known as T-Vyrus, a middle aged man, from the USA, who's been masking himself almost his entire life, has caught a few eyes among the living dolls and also the people who lead a quotidian normal day to day life. The public has only seen him as a doll, and not as himself. He has mentioned that it takes about fifteen minutes to get into the doll suit, and vice versa. He has various looking dolls and has also given them names. Hm, quite gripping. Stepping on to the early life of T-Vyrus, At the age of ten he was secretly exploring female clothes and wigs. Wore a rubber half mask at age twelve. Began experimenting with crude, self-made masks by age fourteen. Alternately, explored nylon encasement - and wore spandex jumpsuits. Discovered hermaphrodite, Sulka in a shemale magazine at age seventeen. Since then, his journey of being a living doll started and has no end for this plastic fond. Having not shown himself as a man other than being a doll, he once revealed his true face on a public show. He travels with the captivating suit everywhere, every time. Not a day he has gone out without taking his plastic companion. Everyday would be different for him, there are some who would actually look up to him, and there are people who had been frightened by looking at him. It's always not a cake walk to live as a doll 24/7. For sure.
These words were said by him on a show which can actually give a positive touch about the whole thing yet confusing.

"I love expressing myself as a female, but on Monday morning, when it is time to reenter the vanilla world, wiping away the traces of my weekend spent in femme mode can be concerning. Female masking and FemSkins allow me to express myself with less effort and they leave me unblemished and ready for work without any residuals. Plus it's great fun."

"So, I was just thinking to myself. Hmmm... If you're going to be plastic, then damn it, BE PLASTIC!"

Trying not to get deep into just him, I have mentioned about him just as an example, and so that it can smoothly help me surface the point I would like to talk about.

Breathing the plastic!
So, the truth is not only T-Vyrus is in love with getting dolled up literally, but people are witnessing enormous number of the bodies in Ukraine as well and other parts. Young juveniles are so much influenced, and they treat themselves as a maraschino cherry. To just brush through the whole lot, there are a sprinkling variety of living dolls, up to date. One is like T-Vyrus, wearing the temporary suit, secondly men and women who actually take up a surgery to transform themselves as perpetual dolls, and thirdly the magic makeup ! Breathing the plastic, might give them satisfaction for sometime, but not sure about the circumstances placed by. The living dolls are born constantly, but yet have not appeared in any general talk all over the world.

Toggling with the truth.

However they might look like, they might sound like, the lives of the living dolls are tolerably confusing. To put in precise words, is it the insecurity and hesitancy to image the world as whoever they are? Although the idea about being a living doll might be fantasizing or can create a bit of a new hype, the hidden reason to it is saddening. The thought of not wanting to be ignored, noticing with a squint eye, and all other negative shade one can coat themselves with, are the small-scaled yet very impactful reasons which could be pointed out. Masking themselves for an occasional fun factor is very different from such situations and the cognition towards living masked up every time is making our hair curl. What do these living dolls actually earn? Is it the protection from disparagement?
It also gives another view of their past experiences, the words which hit them hard, or seeing others be in such a plight etc.
I think I am still struggling much to state the justification, but each and every living doll's reason may vary. The reasons they give are quite convincing.

I truly hope the living dolls don't take up a jerry-built life, and that they are not dolled up outside and being a marionette inside. So many talents under the sun are buried with insecurities, some of them are covered partially and some of them are covered completely.
But these living dolls can feed us with one very veracious note that, everyone in this Universe masks them up, the living dolls wear visible ones, and the others don't!

Ha, after all, everyone is a living doll!
On that note, I would like to wish that now or in time's convenience, I would want to find and hold the truth behind these living dolls, who have not only covered their body but also concealed their inner soul !