Be the Change

If India had a rupee for every time someone said “This country is doomed” or “Chalta hai!”, we could eliminate poverty (not that we can’t do it now).
Honestly, we all talk. About India’s flaws, the society’s mindset, the dead culture, unsafe cities and crime rates. So do I. But the ideology is so deeply rooted in our minds that the very next day we will do something wrong, brush it off and say “Chalta hai”. In India, it is “cool” to break rules. Its “cool” to eve- tease. Its a normal thing to dump garbage out of the car window. Oh, and spitting at every turn is a must! All these things might make you laugh and probably cringe but all these things are attributed to being Indian. Whether you are this way or not, whether you break rules or not, whether you pay bribes or not, all of these things = Indian. That is the perception the world has or will soon have. Do you like it? No. What are you going to do about it? What can you do about it?

We are all well aware of the fact that for any change in our society we need a huge revolution which is not going to come by easily. Let me tell you how it is going to come by. We need break the taboo. Several times, you might feel the urge to take an easier path. It is easier to dump the empty plastic bottle on the side of the road than to walk a little further to find a bin. What makes you different is walking that extra mile, taking that extra effort. Also, we Indians are great at minding our own business. If we see something wrong going on, we’ll flee the scene and tweet about it saying, “stupid Indian society”. I have come to realize no one is going help us. Well, I think there couldn’t be a better time for a change. Too much time in stagnant water, is making India stink. Lets get the water flowing. When you see something wrong happening, stop it. If you feel like putting yourself out there might harm you, ask other passers-by to help.

You are the the only hero we will ever have. We don’t need revolutionaries for a revolution, all we need is you. Your attention. When someone says, their daughter is a burden till they marry her off, speak up. When people throw garbage in public areas, stop them. When an auto rickshaw driver spits his paan at the turning, taunt him. When a person makes a sexist remark, retort back. Let your voice be heard. Thought alone will not do the job. Make your presence felt. Let the people realize that the change is coming by and they better change when time permits. Consider yourself the only revolutionary we ever will have. Act like one. Stop the wrong, that's all I ask. Think about this. Several times over. Probably over a cup of coffee. Please save India.