Belated Love.

“I kind of miss what we shared”,
I declare with a broken voice.
You are still sitting by the window, not looking away even once.
“But I think what happened was for our own good”, you say.
“Maybe, you are right”,
“Maybe we were never meant to be”
You were gone.

I shake my head, turn back, look around.
"Maybe, you were right”
I shut my eyes, hold my breath, say your name over and over again aloud in my head till it becomes just a word with no meaning.

I can hear the crackers bursting, wind blowing, kids playing in some corner,
I can hear a whisper coming from a faraway place.
I listen to the voices,
Trying to gather courage,
To look up in the hope to have a glimpse of you,
“Maybe, we lost ourselves in all the wrong ways”, I hear.

Turning back, I look at your face.
It's lost, like us.
Into the oblivion of our hanging hopes.
We watch as we take off the last one,
Things like love aren't meant for us, we agree.
I take a step back and look.
You were gone,
I decide to stay.