People see but don't observe,
People observe but don't feel
and those who feel aren't easily found.

Does anyone know the reason why? That's because they were knocked over the harbour so many times that they lost the faith of finding a ship that'll take them over all the pain and regret. We all try to find happiness in things, people and activities that the actual purpose of being happy seem to us as foggy and unclear. It's about living the moment and not thinking twice about anything at all. It's about giving anything your everything so that when you give it a second thought it doesn't mess up with your brain.

Everyone in this mean world has had scars, scars that remind them of their deeds - the good ones and the bad ones but it's the life beyond those scars which defines who we really are and what identity we pose in front of others. Everyone's life has been messy, take an example of mine; I have subjected myself to lust, desire, hatred, false love, failures and what not but that doesn't change the fact that I still love taking risks because that defines me.

We can be bewitched but we can't be fooled. We always know what's best for us and others. So just keep hearing your heart and mind together and you shall find peace. The internal peace that all us of crave.

Salvation is the only end.