Black or White ?

Every coin has two sides, it is a well known saying.
In a world such as ours, is a binary approach to problems correct?

One might argue, "It is simpler this way! Is it really?

If we think of it, we can see that the consequences of being a binary person are steep, but isn't simplicity what we strive for in life?

Do we always have a choice?
Do we have many or just two?

These questions plagued me for a while now.
In this argument against myself to prove that binary is the way, it's YAY or NAY!
I contradicted myself when I said,"When we do take decisions, if we slow down and decide we come to make decisions, whose consequences are not so bad, only good."

I later realized it isn't about what the decisions are or how the decisions are made that is important, it's how we look at the consequences.

Binary or real numbers?
Monochrome or a spectrum?

Think. Conquer. Lead.