Breaking the Lock Breaker's Code - Letting The Detective Loose

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I was very determined to investigate the apparent crime that was committed, and to put an end to TROJAN’s successive rampage of spreading chaos. I took an upheaval of breath and glanced with the eyes to bring justice to the victim if at all there was one, and indeed, I was now able to see the myriad of flaws and messes made by TROJAN more and more, and the range and the capabilities of my deduction rocketed.

Firstly, the evidence in room 404 which is and would be the most important of all is the globe lock and it’s key that stood inserted into it, an antagonistic couple who aren’t often seen as such, in a romantic union. Fresh and unaged were the splintered marks on the door in the vicinity of the lock, but, paradoxically, not a single scratch on the lock! I was dazzled at this logical paradox, but was determined to gather as many evidences as I can.

Secondly, I also thought of considering the adjacent room 405 whose lock, hanging locked, helplessly, seemed to have been bludgeoned by a metal rod, rusting in negligence. It highly seemed as though that was the victim, but, my sagacious instincts revolted since as it was too obvious. More over the marks weren’t fresh and on later confirmation by its resident Krithick, it was revealed that it had been tampered with earlier. This enquiry would have seemed pointless but it guided me to look out for an object that was the
ultimate instrument of the offence and the ultimate guidance to further investigation, literally straight as it is.

Thirdly, the instrumentals for the break, which were the rod and the scissor; elements used for breaking and cutting, ironically paved a way for gluing through the investigation. The scissor was flexed (opened) and laid just in front of the room 404. The rod also laid a bit farther from the scissor, but in front of the room.