Breaking the Lock Breaker’s Code - The Inception

Anti-Disclaimer: The incidents, characters and all the other elements you are about to witness are true, any representation of any sort of real life characters are out of pure intention.

The following incidents you are about to read are not something you have read in a book or seen in a movie, but something that has occurred in the very Boys' Hostel of RRMCH. This composition is to enlighten all the unwary people who think dramatic and malicious happenings won’t occur in their mundane lives.

It all started on Sunday, May 22nd, 2016, 11;30 a.m., when I was woken up by an alarm; a least expected alarm with the tone of a metallic ring, the very sonorous chant of a breaking lock! I was startled at the fact that many of the residents had left owing to the approaching exams, leaving the floor desolate and vulnerable, and this apparently was the second play of the rogue lock breaker! Wanting to catch the crook red handed, I flew to my door just to discover a dastardly surprise; the door was locked from the outside.
I then impulsively pulled the door hard and banged it to alert and disrupt any thievery that was about to be committed. This had turned out to be a wise choice. I immediately phoned Shanmuga, a religious pupil who would actively, and more precisely, impeccably acts as he is equipped with street smartness to deal with such issues. Unfortunately, this very religious pupil was religiously studying in the study room! But, he quickly prompted me to call
Ram, my adjacent roommate who was dreaming in his own world. I frantically banged the door for someone to open, but could only hear the subtle footsteps of one person, which were that of a panicked response. Ram’s phone was busy as usual and I finally had to confide in the hostel security Sujith who was prodigious in the art of postponing responsibilities. Somehow, he said he would come to the rescue. At that moment, out of the blue, TROJAN* shouted “Akarsh where are you?” which circumstantially didn’t make any sense and was highly odd considering the fact that Akarsh along with Tanishq were out at that time which I confirmed later.

Introduction of Trojan* (alias to mask the crook and also to suggest his activity with the nature of the computer virus)

Surprisingly, it was Ram who liberated me from my room and even before enquiring about his sudden appearance, I ejaculated to them all regarding the sound of a breaking lock to which Ram replied “Tanishq would have been playing cricket with a cork ball which could have struck the door” which was immediately rejected by the instinct in me. There was Ram and Sujith whose presence didn’t prick me, but TROJAN’S presence which I perceived to be as the embodiment of all the sources of chaos and confusion.

As soon I gushed to glance the locks of the rooms in accordance to the direction of the breaking sound, to my surprise everything was perfectly in place, and in condition. This was a big blow to what I had sensed and also to the promising guidance of my instincts, but an even bigger juggernaut of blow was the smirk on TROJAN’S face, a smirk that spoke a thousand powerful discouraging words, a smirk that indicated all the mayhem was under control, a smirk that stood apart from all the other smirks of the others who looked down upon my delusion. But, TROJAN forgot that
it was that smirk, that very smirk on his face, that was to put a grin on my face!

To be continued...