Entitlement, Chaos and Millennials.

Welcome to my mind.
Subject to Chaos.
Subject to Entitlement.
Like any Millennial.

Chaos, I've always been fascinated by it. It's always been a very powerful energy to possess. To be able to comprehend it is a powerful tool.
In this cruel and chaotic world, to be comfortable in this chaos is no less than to be superhuman.


Have you ever noticed patterns? Patterns of behaviours and occurrence of events, they seem to follow a certain trend. There is a sense of stability among these predictable patterns; routine is the word I was looking for.
Now imagine, I introduce an element of chaos, as small as changing one item on your routine from A to B, a wave of uncertainty is awash over you.

What about taking a trip to an unknown place, a place with a foreign cuisine and language you have no clue about when presented with this idea, you and I would probably be taken aback.

Beyond initial impressions and reactions, very few of us really really adapt to what conditions are presented to us.

We, the millennials have become entitled, entitled by a generation before who has seen the improbable turn to probable and were forced to adapt. Having been raised by people cultivated in the laps of uncertainty, they crave a certain reality.

Their fear of failure and being hurt, once again is carried over to us and all of us just want to be successful/famous/rich but what about the tribulations that the generation before us went through before attaining what came only as a reward.

Children of famous people are famous, children of rich people are rich and sadly, children of the poor, remain poor.

Very few manage to break away.

We have never looked beyond the stories of rags to riches as motivational material.
Have we seen the discipline it took?

Sadly, we still expect to be given opportunities. To be entitled.