Breaking the Lock Breaker's Code - Cleaning the Mess

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I had then retired to my room due to the mental exhaustion, with the key. When I was to leave to Akmal’s room for further analytical deduction and to lock it, I saw Trojan discreetly making his way into Akmal’s room, moving through the corridor like a predator about to pounce on it’s prey. I jolted by making a harsh coughing sound to repel him from the room and he managed to slip through with the scissors lying on the ground, slithering across the horizon of the corridor. I locked Akmal’s room and to my surprise found the rod missing too!

The phenomena that puzzled me the most was not TROJAN trying to clean up his mess, by grabbing the scissor and the rod, but why he was profusely desperate in revisiting Akmal’s room.

I was overwhelmed by the superfluous mysteries TROJAN’s actions were bombarding me with, in spite of my constant attempt to crack them. Finally, I was lulled and trapped in a deep slumber that was a rest to face what was coming.