Considering Cookies

There are one too many pressing and urgent issues to discuss in our ever-changing world. But just for today, let's talk about the crowning queen of the desert food, Cookies.
If you’ve ever eaten one, you’ll know for a fact that they come as far and wide as the universe. Some are dark, some have chocolate chips, some are rock hard (no pun intended), and some are teasingly crumbly. Some would give up their Harvard degrees to become cookie connoisseurs, while others wouldn’t even notice them in a window display. Cookies can be secretly deceptive, they look perfectly toasted on the outside, but the very first bite leaves a sour taste in your mouth, while some look beaten and battered, but are stealthily filled with a sweet surprise. Some seem too horribly bland but leave you wanting more by the last bite, whereas some are so bewilderingly tasty, nonetheless, by the last bite, you feel like throwing up (and getting checked for diabetes).

Maybe traditional cookies don’t work for you, you like them wild and vivacious; a red velvet white chocolate chip cookie is the way to your heart. Maybe you found your favorite cookie, your holy grail of all confectionary, but one day, you woke up and it just didn’t taste the same. Perhaps you're searching for that one impeccable cookie, the one that just stands out from all the others.

They seem perfect, don’t they? But they have their flaws; some are too buttery, some too sweet, occasionally salty. Maybe the burning desire to find the picture perfect one drove you to move to another country, to sever all your ties and swim into the deep unknown, or something as simple as changing where you acquire your daily dose of indulgence.

Maybe you found the first one you loved, and remained loyal to it for eternity, or maybe you’re a lover of all cookies, chocolate or no chocolate. Or maybe you’re too busy fixing the machinery to even care enough to taste one. Possibly, you don’t like cookies at all.
Luckily for us, cookies can be the little escape to your dream world, or they can make you want to give up carbs for life (good luck to you my friend). You are the decider of how you want them to make you feel, there is a whole spectrum to choose from.

Maybe you’ll work your whole life baking the perfect one, or maybe one day you’ll realize that every cookie will have some shortcomings, but they’re still worth loving anyway. Most importantly: which cookie are you? Or rather, which one do you want to be?