Culture is unique,
It defines not an individual but a society.
Some say they are proud,
Some deny the truth.
The forefathers established what we have,
Many sort to renounce that.
The youth rejects their root,
Respect is what they need to learn,
Belief has to be established.
My father says with dignity he is a Bengali,
Why do I not take immense pride in the same?
He told me our origin may not be uncommon,
But what we inherit are the rarest symbols of individuality.
I go to the puja pandals,
I enjoy the extravagant food,
The week long holidays are a relief from work.
Every culture has its own superlative beauty.
I realised what I am,
I am because of my ancestry.
The rest is just temporary.
Culture is primary,
It is exclusive for me.
I now take pride,
I am a Bengali.
Maybe I am different,
But a Bengali.