Is life customizable? If it is how would you like it? Long or short? Lively or dull? According to me, it is customizable. Your choices defy the life that you lead even though various times these choices have been affected by your circumstances.

Have you been that boy with the nerd haircut and high grades or have you been that popular girl who secretly everybody hates? It doesn't matter be cause you still have the time to change if the person you are does not please you but others. You still have the time to customize.

I have often wondered why some people make the choices they do. Why have they based their reality on the expectations of the people around them? This is your life. Marry the love of your life if you want to. Go out on a Saturday night even though you have a test on Monday and yet ace the test. Be a beauty blogger instead of a fancy lawyer, if that's what makes you happy.

Maybe you have already customized your life according to the whims and fancies of the world and have forgotten what your true self really acquired of. That's where you have taken the wrong turn, my dear friend. You are availed to favorable and numeral assortments then why settle for less or objectionable more.

Live your life knowing that you will not bear regrets and attain the life you have always wanted. Cliched, right? But that doesn't necessarily mean it's overrated. You can be born in unruly conditions and you will have only your misfortune to blame but if you die the same, you have only yourself to blame. I mean at the end of the day it's not your nagging neighbor or the daunting society whom you need to live for, it's you.

This is your life perhaps customize it like the perfect pepperoni pizza if you must.