The Light of his Life

The world had lost all its meaning for him. It had defiled his feelings, his hope, his desire to live, beyond redemption. He could do nothing but bawl in misery. Life was rendered immaterial, hope was nothing more than a deceptive fable and happiness was something he was permanently devoid of.

Gradually, he felt himself being dragged down into the bottomless abyss of eternal darkness, and unfortunately he could do nothing about it.

It hurt him, it inflicted excruciating agony on his emaciated body, but he had to get accustomed to it for darkness was the only light left in his world.

As he eyed at his surroundings, darkness was all that prevailed. He was scared, he was lonely, he was neglected, but wasn't that his life for quite some time? Albeit, this world of darkness made these emotions seem rather congruous, unlike the world which teemed with colours and vouched for eternal happiness but always made him feel like an outcast. Ecstasy was nothing more than deception in pretty packaging. Maybe this was the right place for him, maybe his existence wouldn't feel amiss anymore, maybe...

And then it happened.

His inners wriggled in pain as if someone had slashed a sword at him. He dropped down on his knees, winded, gasping for breath but all in vain. The deathly silence along with the eternal darkness that shrouded him seemed to close on him, making him pant. How could he, even for a moment, contemplate the notion of darkness, of black, being compassionate and hospitable. It was downright inimical.

The demon that ostensibly hid itself in the darkest recess of this never-ending darkness was beginning to assume power and subdue his volition. His weakness was that he was consumed by guilt, perturbed by what was and what would be, and that was exactly from where this diabolical demon derived it's power. It fed on his pessimism, it gradually annihilated the iota of positivity that lingered and predisposed him to drown into an outright disconsolate state.

Out there in the darkness, he could see a pair of electric tawny hued eyes fixated at him. Those brightly illuminated eyes exuded an unnerving aura and intimated him about the imminence of the daunting future that lay ahead and how it was nearly impossible to fend himself this time.

The void in his gut grew unabated, fear incapacitated his intellect, his body felt numb and his conscience was slowly losing its voice. The end was here, his end had come.

Cover image by Hungry4Pics.