You must realise that, from the very beginning, and till the very end, you are the darkness and you are the light. It's all within you. You are everything. Filling up your life with light is not the solution, embracing the darkness within yourself is. What matters the most is not how much positivity you've managed to bring into your life, or how much light you've let in. What matters the most is the amount of darkness within yourself that you've accepted as yours, as an inevitable part of your soul. Without the darkness in you, you'll never be able to let the light in like you've always wanted. Light is overrated. Light is what you want, not darkness.

For me, darkness is what I accept as a huge part of myself, and of every other person. Darkness lies in the deepest parts of you, the parts that you've left unexplored, the parts of yourself that you're ashamed of. Your poetry could be dark, your art could be dark, your music could be dark, and so could your thoughts. But you'll never know because you're afraid of it. You're afraid of all the darkness within yourself because discovering it might break you, tear you up. You've left the darkness in yourself as it is, pure and untouched. But what good does it do to you?

So break yourself, tear yourself up, discover your inner darkness, its nothing to be ashamed of. You are dark. I am dark. And so is everyone else. We're all dark and we're all bright. To let light enter into your life, learn where your darkest parts lie. To remove the darkness and let light enter, you'll have to embrace it first.

So let me say- let there be darkness.