When one thinks about death, is it the pain or the mercy? Do you perceive it as a burden, a magical negativity, or are you the one to put up with all the sadness and either grieve or stay ice cold?

The cycle of life becomes quite foggy at certain intervals. Choices you make become imprinted beside your name forever, as it is with death. The first thoughts that cross one’s mind is the perception that he/she possess of the concept of death. Some may think of it as the end of an era with someone of extreme importance departing from their lives. It could also be perceived as a responsibility that they must step up to. A few may believe that it could be an encumbrance throughout their foreseeable future.

There are opinions that display the cold heart and the darkness that clouds the conscience of some people, who think that death is a rather good process as it helps eliminate. There stands a belief that birth is the first step to a journey called life to reach a destination which names itself as death. It is a goal to be invariably achieved and however a person may be, this ultimate goal is characterized to every human being. However, another side of this is the grief that is experienced with the loss resulting in sorrow as no other.

Occasionally death is an important event, to either bring stability or for further positive relations among sections of a society. It has the power to bring people who despise each other together and get reacquainted, set aside differences and get in sync with each other for the betterment. Within all these powers of good, it also has the ability to play with the minds of people and provide a helping hand to make ambiguous decisions that do not have the desired result. Like shown in “Julius Caesar” its affects can be altered by administering a subliminal effect on the minds to create the possibility of the fancy verdict.

These dubious decisions may have adverse affects on the lives of the surrounding community and abate the confidence and will to go on. As witnessed in “The Monkey's Paw” the wishes came as an incentive to better life, but the hidden plans came as shock when in order to make the journey improved, the compensation was death. One can keep trying, but defeating death isn’t an option however enticing it may sound. Surviving the journey as long as possible is the aim yet keeping in consideration whether to end the most beautiful journey with a bullet to the head and die peacefully or to the stomach and die painfully.

Death isn’t meant to be feared. Embracing its oncoming is the best way to deal with difficult situations. Death lies in the fear of itself. Death doesn’t announce its arrival but likes to be very unpredictable. The interesting fact remains that death can be considered as the next big adventure, one where you go out with will, perseverance, gut and faith. Death doesn’t kill you, fear does.

Life and death are the same thread just viewed from opposite sides. It is inevitable. It remains arguably the only concept that is considered to be suitable and deserved for anyone.