Diamonds , YES ! Graphite , why not ?

Diamonds are made under extreme pressure , heat and over a long period of time.
It’s beautiful, shiny, and oh, I forgot costly .
It’s qualifications are minimal - cutting glass, hardest material in the world etc.
Now coming to graphite, not so long to form, found all over the world in good quantities, one carbon bond less, conducts electricity, reduces friction and most of all - PENCILS.
Why are diamonds still valued more ? I don’t know.
Now why are we students being judged by our ability to understand, comprehend and manipulate mathematical and scientific expressions?
We all agree science and math bring about staggering scopes of development .
But hey, what brought me the independence to write whatever I want on the internet ?
What stopped slavery and anarchy?
Aren’t there so many other equally socially contributing professions which bring the same amount of social change in the world ?
It wasn’t just science which led the fight against reversing global warming it was also those tons of hippies , journalists who stopped war , brought awareness and also had some fun.
So are you just happy with diamonds or do you want some graphite for your pencils which fuel education of all kinds?

Written by Aditya KH

Edited by Pooja Ayachit