I see you again.

Draped in a blue, knee-length dress, that compliments your flawless skin quite perfectly.

Your eyes still wear the same messy Kohl, that I fell in love with once, at first sight.

Our eyes meet, and your pupil dilates the widest, like a fawn meeting its mother for the first time.

My brain turns to mush, as my legs carry my sorry self over to you.

Instinctively, you hug me tightly, almost as if trying to heal all the cracks your absence had inflicted.

Your tears win the race, as I choke back mine.

Pouring your heart out, your tears soak through my fabric, battering down my chest.

I live a thousand births in your warmth, and close my eyes, feeling your heartbeat in sync with mine.

And, just as our fingers find solace in each other,
My alarm clock blares, bringing me back to my senses.

Blinded by misery, I run my hands over the perfectly made side of the bed and clutch the sheets in despair.

It's my turn now, as my tears stain the pillow, while I ponder over
How some dreams, are never meant to come true.