Dreams and Their Consequences IV.

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Whatsapp message from Buddy

He picked up his phone anxiously, reads the notification and opens the message, frowns, replies and goes back to his books.
Buddy was keeping the boy on track, keeping him from faltering into his emotional abyss. The boy had been working hard with only one goal in sight; complete portions.


Whatsapp message from ex

He was surprised to hear a notification after buddy's last text. Reluctantly he checked, expecting more instructions or tasks to get done but it turned out to be worse. He paused for a moment and thought, "Damn her, I'm not reading this message." He immediately found the link to share the conversation to buddy and did the needful. In a few minutes:


Whatsapp message from Buddy

He checked whether it was her or buddy, it was buddy. He read the message, "You should read this." He was reluctant to listen to buddy but he was reminded by the fact that buddy was the person who he had trusted in to keep himself from taking the wrong choices. Buddy had understood that he had feelings for her, whether love or not is another question. He took buddy's word.
Reluctantly opening the message it read ,
"Hey, I know you are angry and probably working your arse off."
yeah, no shit, she knows me and that is a good thing.
"Look, you freaked me out last time we met and if you know me well..."
there she goes again, "if you know me well...followed by the bullshit she expects me to know!"
" would not have asked me that question when we were having a good time, now I agree I am at fault. This has been eating away at me for a while now. My grades kinda dipped.
I am still the distraction eh?
When I sat down and thought about it, I realised I had been thinking about you. I'll be in town this weekend and I think we should meet at my place on Sunday at 4 PM and figure things out.

His heart fluttered a little before he could feel flushed.


Whatsapp message from Buddy

Her quarterly marks are shitty, her parents have called her here to counsel her. They probably know about you both. Chances are her parents might provoke you. She is also keeping track of you, how? I do not know but her message suggests that she knows you hangout with us on Sundays since after the quarterly. Keeping all this in mind, I told you to read this message because it would be wrong if I do not tell you about her intentions. I suggest you do not go and keep a clear head.

After reading both these two messages, the boy simply got back to his books with no second thought of what to do.

The scooter slowed down and begged for petrol, his wallet was already empty and he had only few more kilometers to reach his destination. He locked the scooter and decided to walk, the skies grumbled.
It was summer, he did not expect a pounding from the skies.

By the time he reached the office he was drenched but he made sure his certificates were not. He entered the reception, showed his appointment letter and sat down.

Picturing the scene from the movie Pursuit of Happiness, Smith's character is in rags and he has no clue of how he will get the internship. This was his last dance company, the previous ones had either said he was too young or lacked talent. He could not argue about the first but to hear the second made him doubt himself, contemplating going back home but he decided to solider on ahead. He could no longer face his mother's taunts. They slowly creep in and kill my self-confidence, he thought.

He was getting back to normal, back to being not sorrowful..

"You can now see Mr.V", the receptionist announced.

"Mr.V?", he looked at the receptionist with disbelief.

She smirked, "Yes, go ahead. He does not like to wait."

Mr.V, a simple middle class background but rose to fame slowly and had reached a stage where he no longer needed to work.
Mr.V was self made, he was a man of dance and managerial talent backed with years of experience. A share of good and bad.
He was too good to be true, but he was. That is what made him Mr.V.

While analyzing Mr.V's character sketch, he hurried in, trying to fix his hair, shirt and in a moment he realized it was pointless. He put on his best smile and mentally prepared himself for the worst.

Something he learnt from his father.

In an instant, he changed into a completely different person, charming and very calm.

Something he learnt from his mother.

He entered the office slowly. Mr.V was seated behind a simple office table and he silently gazed into his laptop screen with earphones on. He knocked the door assuming that Mr.V was not aware of him entering the room but that was not the case.
Before he could knock again in quick succession, Mr.V signaled with his hand to be seated in a chair opposite to him without looking away from his laptop screen.

The boy silently walked towards the chair and sat down, making sure he does not make any unnecessary movements.

He was about to say something when Mr.V turned the laptop around and the boy saw that he had been watching the videos he had mailed almost all the other companies. Most companies had not even acknowledged the mail; Mr.V had.

Mr.V said, "Boy, I took the liberty of posting your videos from my YouTube handle about an hour ago and in about 15 minutes you will receive mails from all the companies you applied at and even those to which you did not."

Before the boy could say anything at all or even react, Mr.V said, "Your call letter has been sent to your home address, enclosed are the details pertaining to your pay package, job description and college details.
Non-negotiable of course but I hope it will be satisfactory."

"Sir, if I could tell you..." before the boy could continue, Mr.V said, "Yes yes, I know you are grateful and it means a lot to you. Show me your gratitude in your work and leave now, it's a Friday and my staff need to leave. You join Monday."

The boy rushed towards the door but stopped in his tracks and announced, "Sir, I ran out of fuel and cash while getting here, if you don't mind can I borrow 500 rupees? " he had taken a wild shot, he could lose his job before he even began.

Mr.V handed him a note, "Give this to my receptionist." and he resumed gazing into his laptop screen and the boy walked out of the room.

In about 20 minutes time the boy had refueled and was eating a full meal at a restaurant where one would visit on occasions of a great feast. Mr.V had been generous.
After a sumptuous meal, he started his scooter and realized he had to go home now.

His call letter had been sent home, little did he know the letter had been delivered to his father.

He stood there in front of her house contemplating on whether to go inside or not. He could hear Buddy talking in the background and before he knew it Buddy had called up and asked her to come down.
He gave Buddy his death stare, she laughed and said, "You nervous?"

He was wondering how Buddy knew her marks, they were not exactly on talking terms. Then again they knew each other for a long time and they were girls. You can never tell what they are thinking.

She walked down those stairs of that house, beautifully designed by an architect 50 years ago. Her grandfather's wife was that architect. Why was the boy thinking about how beautiful a house was, guys do this in such stressful situations like, "looking at your ex wearing a sari and trying not to flinch".

For a second he wanted to walk up to her and say, "Why did you do this?" and start sobbing in her arms. He was tearing up. Buddy held his hand and whispered, "Her father is right behind her."

Buddy and the boy were scared of her father, he was the head of a family whose legacy was very important.

He snapped out of it and expected a few hundred questions. He knew about them, didn't exactly approve neither did he disprove. That is where the catch was.

He knew what was coming, the talk was gonna happen. Her father would show his arrogance, she was gonna listen silently and the boy would leave humiliated about his social status and his daughter deserved better.

That is what happened.

After it was over, she came out and said to the boy, "I didn't send that message, my dad sent 'em."

She turned around and left.

The boy silently wept, he had been holding it back for so long. It had been so hard.

He remembered telling her, "I got one dream, I want to hold your hand walk down these stairs that your grandmother built and that is a statement in itself."

A dream he said, will it stay a dream or will the fire consume it?

Only time would tell.
Dreams and their Consequences.

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