Dreams and Their Consequences II.

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A few dozen candles, dim lights and the perfect romantic movie on his comfortable sofa and the privacy of his room.
He had it all set, he had been waiting for this moment, he had been saving to make it special, he had done his homework.
His sweetheart was back in town after 8 months in another city, little did he contemplate the change, change that would make him doubt his choice.

They both spent their naive years together, in love. This turned out to be a very savage combination when ambition caught on.
Teenage relationships blossom initially, it's the best time of their lives or at least they think it is until the bubble pops and reality comes crashing down.

This was the night the bubble popped.

As he returned from his trip to nothingness, his eyes were flooded with white light. This too, hurt.
He was immediately greeted with 3 unfamiliar faces, he expected a doctor and 2 nurses. He was glad his intellect hadn't left him like his money and his youth.
Oh the regret, it hit hard but morphine does a better job.

When he finally woke up with several wires and beeping monitors he was greeted by another unfamiliar face who introduced herself as his psychologist.
"My wife is a psychologist too, that didn't go too well.", said the father.
The psychologist dismissed his sarcasm and asked a few routine questions and moved to the million dollar question, "Why suicide?"
"Rather upfront eh?", the father asked.
"Sir, that is best suited for a man like you that after all is why I am equally surprised."
"Since you seem to know my psych level, you must have also figured out I am deflecting your question so piss off. " and he muttered something else under his breath.

The psychologist obliged, after all she confirmed it was suicide and not an attempt to murder. That rules out the police investigating the attempt of murder from the scene.

Where was his wife, he wondered and before he could proceed on this train of thoughts he drifted off to sleep.
After all being stabbed in the chest is hard .
Meanwhile, the knife had been forensically analysed to find 2 fresh set of prints and they matched to the father and the son. Hearing the psychologist's evaluation, the boy walked from juvenile custody.

The boy still wore that mask. A mask which spoke what a thousand words could not. They spoke of misery, of pain, of loss and the calm of a dead man.

The police had only one more person to interview and evaluate; the mother.
Where was she? Her prolonged absence only increased the authority's curiosity so much so they issued a warrant for her arrest. Even though it was ruled a suicide case, they wanted to get to the bottom of it.

Where relatives were expected to arrive, a few good men and a many not so good men visited the hospital. The father lives, money still demands to be returned.
The few good men were there to show their sympathy and demand an explanation for suicide attempt while the others demanded the same, except it was not to show sympathy but to ensure their money's safe return. After this fiasco, "Now I can't even die in peace!", said the father.

After a day we heard his voice again, "Debt is a wonderful thing, crafts itself around a person and never lets go, never. Not even in death does it part.", the son muttered these words and fell silent again. Sitting in the corner of his father's hospital room he contemplated his next move. After he had something big, very big coming up.

Meanwhile, the mother walked into the hospital room. The police followed suit and she was whisked away for her interrogation. After all a psychological evaluation would be pointless against a master of the same trade.
It was later learnt that she was on an impromptu trip to see her son's ailing grandmother and couldn't inform neither her husband nor her son. Her alibi matched, her grandmother had nominated the mother as her guardian since Alzheimer takes it's toll, just like how raising a psychologist does.

After some romance on screen, there was quite a bit of romance off screen too followed by the all illustrious question.

"So what next?", asked the boy.
"It's the same as always, entrances, getting a good rank, get into a college and blah blah .. ", she replied.
"No, not that. Us?"
There was silence in the room. She contemplated her next reply because it would break or make it.
"Look, let us not worry about that for now. We have a good thing going on here."
"It's good, no denying that but ..."
"But what?"
"I want an answer today. It's been 3 years since we started dating. Where do you see this going?"
"You do realize you are being melodramatic. It is too early to say anything regardless of the fact that it's been three years. I need to work on my college because not all of us can dance our way out, right?"
"Oho, so now it's about our ambitions?"
"Yes, it is. I think we should call this off for the next 6 months. I have to focus, plus I'm late. You know how your MIL is, don't you?"
While she closed the door, "I'll text you maybe".
She left it linger and shut the door. Leaving the room empty and a heart full of doubts. He sat there for the better of 3 hours and got up, wiped the tears off his cheeks and cleaned up his room.
While he put off each candle, a fire was only starting to burn.

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