Eternal Rock

Thunders rumbling across, painting the sky
As they like, As we heard to the singing jay.
A moment of the joy, swinging on the rope
Of rock, Playing a melody greater than any pope.

Setting off towards the end, buckled to the seats
Of music, we were on a voyage, to the deeper beats
A memory unforgotten, A moment unimaginable
A trip to the fathomed lands, tearing every warning label.

Here we are, Everywhere that's happy and High
Living the dream, with contentment and no sigh
High hopes and shining diamonds, you all are
Hey you, it's time to wish you were here.

Dream on, dream on, till the last breath gone.
Gone are the days, staying still like a stone.
Its time, To hear me, to hear my voice.
Open your heart, I am coming home. Rejoice.

Floyds, doors, blues have come and flew away.
While their soul emerged from the cast away.
Can you help me, can you hear your inner call
“United we stand, Divided we fall.”

Let me tell you tell you a story, of the the fight
Between the self and the every other’s sight.
Into the endless abyss of the myself
I wanderes across, defying every other self.

The song. The dream. The destined life.
Every other second. a new thought. Like a knife.
A rush. A heavenly push. The next puff. Hush hush.
The deepest condolences for the temporary blush.

The soul is rock. A concert of its own. The end.
An experience without any fake soul to blend.
For this is the life. The trip. The one true joy. So damn white.
Cherish before the fumes perish in the day’s light

This is the end. My very last friend.
To the joy, to the pain, The end
This is it. My one and only friend.
A bit closer to life. Our very end.