Every day, I rise with the sun,
And walk out the door to earn my daily bread.
In the name of faith,
They stop me from working.
This is not a job for a woman, they echo.
I ask them in turn,
Who they are, to stop me from my daily rectitude?
Gatekeepers of faith, they say,
Gatekeepers of society.

Once upon a time,
To help men in need,
A wise man came up with an idea worth a thousand dimes.
He created faith, wrote books,
And gave it to men, to protect and abide,
To follow and put an end to the endless bloodshed.

Today, you have overturned the purpose of faith,
The streets are colored red,
Red for anger, red for blood.
They control us, where we work, who we wed.
Faith is all but an excuse,
For patriarchy and misogyny to spread their dread.

So I tell them, I know my God
And I know my faith,
Perhaps better than you, who have placed yourself on a mantle,
That never was yours to take.
I tell them,
For God's sake,
To stop ruling this realm,
For it is not theirs to conquer.

It is all but a meek existence of ours,
We were placed here not to control,
Not to conquer,
But to exist in peace,
And fulfill our desires.
Whichever God you bow down to,
They would never ask for blood,
Or for subjugation.
Let us use that glorious brain gifted to us,
And use faith for what it was made for,
A part of our life,
And not life itself.