She thought she was brave, brave and fierce
As one could ever be.
She pictured herself as an epitome, an epitome of bravery
For she thought that she had faced it all.

Her tender voice was now deep and strong,
It had a sense of command in it.
Her soft skin, now bruised and burnt
Like she was a warrior in a war zone.
She thought that she was the bravest of all.

But suddenly a thought crept up to her mind,
A thought full of all her fears.
It made her realise something, something deep
She now knew that her bravery, her fierceness, was just a mere cover.
A cover that cast a shadow on all her fears.
But as it started to wear off, it unleashed all of them.

The fear of not fitting in
The fear of not living up to expectations
The fear of losing people
The fear of not being loved.

She feared as one could ever,
But she kept it within herself
For she thought that she was strong enough to live with them.
But sadly, day by day,
The fear of not being able to conquer her fears,
Was destroying her.