Find Her How?

Have you had multiple climate changes within you every second when you see something stunning?

Like the summer sun giving you the warmth of hope, the wet monsoons washing your sorrow, the chills of winter freezing your heart blue, and the leaves of memories which fall apart from your soul.

Have you had anyone have so much effect on you that the sun shines brighter every morning and you moon feels closer than ever, you are confused if she is your moon or the sun? Or maybe she is just the best of what Nature has to offer? Amidst this confusion (or chaos maybe), who is she? How may I know?

When the glow of the moon reflects on your face on a clear sky, the stars, the cosmos, the universe whispering one thing in tunefulness (her name) she is the one you go behind, she is the one you never let go of, she is the one worth anything, even time.

Hold her by the waist (make her yours), pull her close (into your world), before you brush her lips, look in her eyes, a peck she deserves on the brow, for what she is going to do to your life, buckle up, sit back, and just enjoy the ride.