I was always certain about who I wanted to be, what I really wanted from life, people, myself. Composed? Maybe.
A strange turn of events took place, I lost control of what was going around and I feared, I used to think "why me" just to realize later that whatever happened has just been a very good lesson to me and I would forever be grateful for everything that took place. I learnt lessons, I felt intensely sad and I was still happy because I knew that time is fleeting and so are the emotions.

Life is always going to be full of things holding you down, it's going to be up to you whether you want to be tied down to a ray of certainty or fly into a sky filled with whatever you have always wanted with a few hurdles called life challenges.

When I realized the fleeting nature of humans, time, emotions; I knew what I had to choose.

Cover image by Nickendra S