As the sun rises above the horizon and the previous day's memories slowly fade, we are all faced with our own challenges. Some debate and question their existence and dread the day ahead, while some bounce on their feet and do their chores like clockwork. Everyone is moving, thinking, doing and feeling. The world is a marathon with a million subjective obstacles and an uncertain ending.

Every person, on hitting adulthood compresses their emotions into a tiny ball that is thrown to the back of their mind, only to be set free under extreme pressure. They trap and torture their inner child with the "rules" set by "society".

We are all robots, iterations of a basic mould. With souls fighting to be set free, to feel, to let be. However, what about those, who wake up every morning with an empty mind? Like a child on a vacation. Those who smile as the light hits the walls of their room, falling further in love with their world.

What about those who hear the sounds of the birds chirping? Those who stop and smell the morning air? Those whose feet tap to the music playing in the distance?

These people fight their fights, they feel the world, they love, they hurt, they feel hurt, they move on. They do not hold on to a to-do list, merely make one, They take one day at a time, and live for all 86,400 seconds of it.

"They" are us. We are robots that feel. We are slowly breaking out of our shells. We are constantly growing, feeling, holding on, letting go and learning, eternally evolving. We're a nascent atom, forever in search of that one electron that completes us.

So what's the point of writing all this, you may ask me? There isn't any. These words are just a mirror for yourself, made of zeroes and ones and transferred to your brain through visual signals. They mirror who you are. A robot, that lives. You have a soul, a zest for life, a goal; no matter what. You are a living, breathing mass whose space matters in this world. Every action of yours moves this world to its intended destination at that point in time.

Hence, whenever you feel worthless, remember that it's just this fog of your insecurities and misbeliefs that are stopping the sunshine from entering your veins.

It's not worth holding on to thorns when you can reach for the stars. No matter how familiar they are to you.