Harassing Deception

Blurred vision and suffocating smog.
The trip down my memory lane isn’t variegated.
Standing down the treacherous road were silhouettes
towards the figures that exhibited a modicum of hope to make the journey,
I stumbled on.

Everything that I call human that I met only skinned me,
mutilated me and threw me for dead.
What a shame! Even Death denied taking me
Instead, fed me hoax hope and porous promises and
threw my ass back into this one sided game.

Glued together by my misleading trust
I galloped with my sand stallion into the ferocious flood.
There I drowned to realize, trust is deceptive; too late though.
My morale changed, I began to mistrust trust.

Armour down, naivety exposed.
I dragged this rotting mass towards them saviors
As I reached out I tripped and fell; face first.
Later I noticed, like true hood-winkers they had their backs turned on me.

Only after the deep thud did they glance down on my still soulless structure,
Such was their way of life.
Simply smiled at the corpse and floated away.
Of them all four faces still sinister cackle at me.