How I Changed.

She told me she’d stay,
Cherishing the incredible bond,
I believed without a thought.

How I wish those days return.
Never did I know,
We’d both walk away
Along the same journey,
Our paths, never did they cross.

Along I learned about a thing called change.
She went first and then came my turn,
How I wish those days’ return.

I was angry and upset
Did not know how to endure.
And when we did meet again
It just wasn’t like before,
Not the friendly hug nor the warm smile
It was a frown and maybe a sigh.

Now I don’t wish for a return,
The night is spent in reminiscence,
I pray for everything to be faded.
Never to realise,
The next morning, the influence she had on me.
It was all the same around,
But I…
I had changed.