I Don’t Want To Leave.

I don't want to leave
The ripples of a cobalt expanse race to my feet
The shadow of the bridge I fled
Hides me away from the raging sun
I see the horizon, providing a serenity that was lost
And I don't want to leave
The waves discover my knees now
I feel the cold surge through my body
The winds arrive to greet my shivering soul
And the waves are on my chest
I don't want to leave
The water is warmer now
The pillars of wood and steel
Tell me to run away
For terror lies underneath the tempting waves
But the horizon still calls out to me
And I don't want to leave
My face is covered with water
I can't see the horizon
But I can still hear it
I don't want to leave
But time is running out
And I'm losing my breath
I need to find my breath
Before everything turns dark
But I don't want to leave
10 seconds left
Before it's too late
I need to decide
The horizon
It's still calling
I feel cold again
The water starts to bang the corners of my head
Why is it dark
Need to find the surface
Need to-