Cover my bones in paper and also let me inhale through the script.
Give me a chance to be sewed up by your ink.

Furthermore, if my pages tear at the point when pen coasts into cursive,
What more?
My spine is cowhide bound.
Give plumes a chance to investigate the threads of fortune lost and found.

The universe is white — a consistent mash where we deplete inks on,
On scribbled parts or in the middle of monochrome lines.

The smudges and spreads,
The progression of strokes and bends are the stellar projections to tasteful calligraphies.

We didn't know that the stars were in our grasp,
Or at the tip of whatever instrument we held.

We didn't listen to the sounds of the universe,
Or of stars smoldered to fiery remains by blazes.

These sounds,
All things considered,
Stay quiet in space.
So if all disdain and feedback.

Trust that some misuse,
Also, that some moderate.
The liquid of undying witnesses,
In a universe of astral detainment,
that bears preference and judgment. However, vast opportunity.

A spilt ink in a universe,
Yet an ink in a cosmic system.
Differing lengths of everlasting life, However, everlasting life all things considered.
Composing with a bowed and broken pen, With passing on, blurred ink.

However some way or another,
Is still achieving the paper.
Here and there
I don't realize what to say,
I simply know I have to say something.

However smooth or shitty,
However my words need to shape me
It's entertaining that once the ink is cleaned,
It's truly hard to take it out.

It gets to be hypodermic and practically interminable,
It’s the same case as for the individuals who hurt you.

Cut a piece of their memory, profound inside your bones.
What’s more, make a disaster area of your own?
I don't have the foggiest idea,
All that I know is that,
I need to obliterate everything that helps me to remember those.

The cadence of my lyrics is my broken heart,
To express my misery is the thing that I look for.
No formal preparing have I had,
Everything turns out to be great and sometimes terrible.

The ink is my blood; I let it drench every page,
Now and again it turns out as a wrath.
Now and again it's simply pitiful, and pulls my heart,
Be that as it may,
Each and every lyric, of me is a section.

I'm not the one to let you know there is no reason to worry,
What's more to do?
I'm being benevolent.
You've read enough of my works,
You'll see that I'm battling.

Each day by itself,
I record it all.
In my lyrics my life is found
It's all on the page
My distress, my apprehension, and my wrath.

On the off chance that my ballads make you feel something,
At that my point it was justified, regardless of all the anguish.