Ink and Subtlety

Once upon a time, people would write letters. Fountain pens were all the rage, collection of all sorts.
Companies would probably compete to bring out the next big thing, just like how phone companies today compete for those thousands of dollars and even more importantly, your time.

There was once a time, when a letter would be written by hand with ink and sent to a far off relative, a lover or a pen pal. There was a time when people would await the postman's cycle bell that notified the arrival of a small piece of paper with happiness, recorded with ink and love.

The anxiousness of receiving a reply for a letter is something we can not experience these days. The closest you can get is sending an email to someone. Slowly technology caught up and ink dried up from our fountain pens. I am writing this piece on my laptop at the convenience of my bed without having to sit up straight and check whether my fountain pen has enough ink or not, since all of us know - to stop writing abruptly is, well annoying.

We got instant notifications and our attention spans reduced along with increased efficiency.

I don't suggest you start writing letters again. I suggest you start writing, on paper. The joy of a fountain pen slithering about on paper, the joy of your thoughts on paper and the joy of holding it in your hand is a supreme joy to any writer. One page a day, it will slow you down, it will make you aware of your surroundings and yourself, since the only auto correct is yourself.

Try it for once, live the moment (precisely 90 seconds), trade notes with your loved one. You will truly spend time pondering over those beautiful emotions regardless of the shabby handwriting.

The subtlety of handwritten notes are yet to be discovered by most of our generation. I have discovered it, have you?