Insomnia: The Cure

I’ve let you down, I’m sorry.
I’m leaving town, I’ll be back.

It hit you hard, didn’t it?
You’ll get my card, we’ll outrun it.

I should’ve known, shouldn’t I?
Actually I knew, just didn’t buy.

It’s been long since you had tears down those cheeks.
and now they’re back, thanks to me.

I’m weak, but I’m still awake.
I know you are too. Please sleep.

There’s something about the night, it’s all quite.
The filth from the past, in constant fight.

your silhouette, across the dark canvas.
That sight, and I write all night.

The mistakes of my past, haunting me in this silence.
I hear you ask, seeking my presence.

I've kept myself awake, won't give in.
not again. Hopefully never again.

Insomnia: The cure...

Cover image by Nickendra Manikandan