It is Okay to Rape.

I keep away from writing unless the subject inspires me to use the word "fuck" a minimum of 25 times. Ironically the issue of rape doesn't infuriate me enough to do that. Just being honest, I wonder if it really does enrage anyone. Yes, people do sympathise, but you can't empathise; unless you have been subject to rape. So yeah, it doesn't push me to the point of writing. But this time around this shit needs to be addressed and done right.

Alright, sex is something everyone craves but only a few get. Funny commodity.
Rape is not new to India, again supply-demand curves explain it beautifully. the occurrence of rape has to be analysed from a logical viewpoint and nip it in the bud. Talking and crying about rape will not change it you moron. Putting people behind bars or chopping their dicks will not be of any better purpose either. Most of the talk revolves around how to punish the rapists. But bro, punishments punish only those that have committed a crime, not the ones who are yet to, and if you have a crude understanding of what sex and urge is, you will know how animal like the brain reacts when presented with an opportunity. It has to happen when there is a chance. Or at least, that applies to a huge load of people.

I don't like the progression of this article, it doesn't look flamboyant. Sorry man, the issue at hand isn't either. If you wanna infuse thoughts of change and action that accounts, read ahead. So, what has to be done? Fucking find out what triggers a rapist to do the deed. Bloody research on it. Rape is violent, sex is beautiful. And I don't think rape by any means gets close to the pleasure offered by intimacy. It is the most diluted form of sex. Yet, why do people do it? I don't know. Research. Writing or making videos on wanting justice for that little girl doesn't assure another girl is safe. She is dead, man, respect that and act on it. Yesterday was Asifa Bano (how many of you bitches even know her full name?) and today it is a 9 y/o girl of whose name we don't even know. There are 1000 such registered rape cases and a million other unregistered ones. We only wake up to the most horrific ones. There lies the issue my friend. Rape is a widespread occurrence throughout any country, the laws are strict and the punishment is harsh (or maybe not) but that won't help. Rape can be mitigated if the fundamental reason is identified. Curb that idea during the process of a child's growth. We lit bloody candles when Nirbhaya died. Nirbhaya's case was intense, but has it led to a better and safer environment? Sorry, I had to disregard the efforts of millions, but if it ain't got any effect, it was unproductive and I'm not a big fan of that.

Do we know why those that rape children do that? Was it communal vengeance? pure lust? absurd fetish? Don't categorize rape as just non-consensual sex, the last thing it is sex. It is primarily a physical violation that has greater effects on the victim. You see how a murder is just overlooked, but when you couple it with rape, it becomes the talk of the town? We are still fascinated by the idea of sex. The fact that it gets differential treatment doesn't mean we take it more seriously, by looking at the situation that people who deal justice only look at it trivially. Because rape and physical violation are two different things and maybe, just maybe there is an element of pleasure involved and that makes it okay to rape?