June in Focus by InkHigh

Submission link for photos: http://bit.ly/JIFPhotos

If photographs could lie, in how many different ways can they?

June in Focus, an idea created by a certain group of enthusiasts., wherein the art of photography is celebrated and respected by committing to exhibit one original photograph each day through the medium of social media.

We at InkHigh love art and all those that bring it to us. Primarily being a literature community of writers and poets, InkHigh sees an opportunity to marry the two profound arts of writing and photography and let the two senses complement each other.

This June, we request photographers and writers to join along a journey where we attempt at capturing the unspoken message a photograph would have screamed out otherwise.

Procedure for photographers:

  1. Please provide us with one photo on the provided theme from your archives.
  2. A high resolution for the print utility is encouraged.
  3. We would prefer if the photos had activity so the writers can interpret.
  4. Please provide us with original photos shot by you.

Procedure for writers:

  1. Starting from June 1 at 11.00 am a photo along with a submission link will be posted on the InkHigh's page with the hashtag #juneinfocus and #inkhigh
  2. You will have to submit your write through the link.
  3. We are looking for interpretations of the photos and not stories as using the photos as prompts.
  4. The word limit is 100-200.