When the time arrives, I want you to drift away from me
Leaving me with intense and pleasant memories
Glory be to the Lord almighty!
As he gives me a chance to redeem and move on
My fearful past- dry, fragile and light!
Leave me for I choose to live
My inner emotions needs you not
For I, choose to live.

I don't want you to cling on to me
Fly far towards nothingness
Your dry self has made me stand strong
Because when I look back I'm filled with pride and

Haunt not others as thou has haunted me
You dwell and make me dwell in darkness by making me lament
But I choose not to
Fly far away from me and burn yourself amidst the light
Destroy yourself!
As the world deserves you not
I cast myself away from you
Rot! Die! Burn in hell!
You have my consent to leave...

Watch it fall!
Watch it crash!
Watch it fly far away from me
For all this time i was talking about lame, dry and pain causing Leaves...