Lemonades and Cupcakes

Lemonades and cupcakes
Shattered dreams and retakes
Of a perfect life, we're so desperate to make
In the hope that an effort to attain perfection
Leads to the satisfying viability
Away from what they call pain and poverty of the soul
Notions in my mind, they seem to be
As I have my lemonade with cupcakes
And I look out a barred window
Where I gaze at the sky
Memories pass by in the clouds of my disconsolation
Dreams and dreams
Nothing but ashen clouds
Blown away in the wind
But listen
I hear a song in the wind
The lemony voice of my soul
And that quest for a perfect life lies vain in the corners of the mind
For it is in imperfection wherein my soul finds itself
Between the cracks of broken dreams and past memories
And so I stare out the window
With my lemonade and cupcakes
Until we watch the sunset together
And plan our next retake