Love on

Love on, dear Heart
For your valour and resilience shall one day be acknowledged.
For your efforts shall not all go unrewarded.
The fruits of labour aren't all sweet;
But love on, dear Heart you are not meant to cheat.

Events of the past have left deep scars.
Healing takes time but tread not too far.
The ground you stand on is made of thin sand;
You will fall and then get up, that's how you will understand.
Choose your friends wisely for trust has been broken.
Your misjudgment has left people forsaken.
But love on, dear Heart for the bonds
you have made are bound to last,
Cherish them with all your strength, they are a class apart.

I know you are always at loggerheads with the mind,
Contradictions are a part of the game when it's tough, you are kind.
One day you will stop beating and I will be all numb;
So, love on, dear Heart you will regret nothing when it's done.