Love Wounds

There is a hidden telepathic link between people who are technically one. They are so close that they usually get what the other one is feeling. It's kind of like a premonition.
When Tracy got a call at 1:30 pm from an unknown number she had that tingling feeling. She knew something was not right.What she feared soon came true as the call had come from the local hospital asking her to identify someone.

What they did not tell her was whether the Jane Doe was alive or dead. The next thing she did was call her husband and her heart skipped a beat when it went straight to voicemail. She kept muttering to her self to keep her mind calm until she reached the hospital.

As she ran to the waiting room, the doctors showed her to a room. She saw a man with appalling injuries. The sight of him made Tracy feel faint and at the same time she was anxious to know if it was her husband. She couldn't control her need to find out the truth. Just then the doctors brought the charred clothes and the logo on the shirt was unmistakable as it was she who had stitched it for her husband. It was then an overwhelming sense of grief and anger overtook her senses. Mark!; Her Mark! Her husband was battling for his life and she couldn't do anything to help other than pray and be at his side. The doctors then added fuel to her already glowing flame by stating that his chances were low.
As she was laying in this perplexed state of grief and fear she received a call from an unknown number.

"Hello?"she answered slightly faltering.
She became dumbfounded when an unmistakable voice replied.
"Tracy, sorry phone's battery is dead. If you want anything call to this number."

"Mark ? Is that you?"

To be continued