Marketing Level: Apple

Apple must be outrageous to do away with the audio output jack. It's fucking dumb. Right, it is. But, it is not.

In a world where everybody is craving for attention, especially in the corporate realm, it's hard as hell to capture a customer's notice and convert him into a potential buyer. The only way out is to be remarkable, do something unprecedented and something totally surprising.

That is exactly what Apple has achieved.
One thing that apple seems to have that nobody else does is customer loyalty and they have exploited this card all the while, smartly. People are anyway going to buy the shit they sell, thanks to the hard work and flawless innovation put into the building the initial product. The apple logo is not just a symbol, it's status symbol. Since they have a strong hold of their customers they can risk being different solely for the purpose of marketing over functionality. Honestly, I can come up with no sane explanation as to why the Apple iPhone 7 doesn't deserve a headphone jack. But it got the news out, much more fiercely as compared to "hey here is the new iPhone - nothing but the same old piece of good looking shit." This clearly goes above getting customers to buy the new AirPods, if that was the case then you wouldn't have had the lightning to headphone jack adapter. This gimmick is real.

They evaluate their previous iterations as the bench mark and their standards are so robust a slight change in the fabric of iPhone design language is made into a big deal and marketed like a boss. All of their new "innovations" are age old technology used in my phone - all of it. The difference, they knew how to talk about it, HTC didn't. All they had to do was make one stupid video about how they have no headphone jack and the world is going bonkers over it and in the process we have become agents of marketing the arrival of the new console.

Smart as we are, fools we become when it comes to commodities. Albeit they lost the headphone jack, they have gotten a few million extra customers and the mic drop though.

If someone is going to tell me, "yo bro they don't need to go through such a makeover just for the marketing, they would have been on the news anyhow." How many people know about this phone called the iPhone SE?