Me, Myself and I.

Don't kill my vibe.
I am like the clouds, 36,000 feet high.
There are parts of me you've never seen.
I'm as vast as the sky,
infinite in your search.

Tell me I am courageous,
my thunder can silence the demons in you.
Tell me the world smiles when I laugh,
when I spurt out those 7 wonderful colors from within my soul.

Don't just look at me and call me beautiful,
I've felt that word splatter against me enough for a lifetime.
I am not just beautiful,
I'm a paradisaical masterpiece.
'There you have been and there you'll always long to be.'

I am way above you, far beyond your reach.
I know,
you would want to lose yourself in my cradle of softness,
happiness, beauty and joy.
But not everything looks like what it seems,
most angels don't choose the throne of being seraphic.

I am gentle to touch if you treat me right, but lest,
I won't apologize; for the fire in my eyes.
Don't make me show you my true colors, cause it ain't going to be your rainbow.
All my life,
one page at a time.
If you just don't treat me right.

I am the unapproachable splendor of the empyrean,
divine and pure.
Make your touch soothing.
Lest, I am the unapproachable splendor of the empyrean,
the realm of pure fire,
the fire in my eyes can burn your soul.
I am immortal,
living every human's dream to be the same.

So don't kill my vibe lest,
you'll never be the same.