Mind Games

There was a constant buzz inside her head, a never-ending rush of thoughts,
It was exhausting, it was like a beeping sound that never stopped playing.
It was confusing yet calming- the thoughts,
It was like white noise, there was a lot of it but felt strangely normal.

Thoughts, feelings, actions and imagination were all crossing paths,
It was all so fast, they didn't even acknowledge the other.
I was hoping for it to make sense, hoping for all of it to add up and get me to a conclusion,
But they just zoomed away, leaving it all dusty and difficult to interpret.

There were positivity and negativity, but the timing was off, they crashed together and burnt away,
There was happiness, sadness even, along with confusion of what to feel first.
There was the goodness of heart and selfishness of the mind, the subconscious in a constant dilemma of which to side.

There are battles playing within us all the time,
The trick is to pick the right puzzle, tackle it and go from there.
They were all pieces of different puzzles with a twist,
These pieces fit more than one puzzle right, now what could be terrifying than that?