Moving From the Mainstream

Growing up, we've been told to embrace our inner quirkiness. That beauty is only skin deep and that a good character trumps everything.

But years of meandering through the obscure intricacies of the social jungle teaches you a thing or two. You'll come to realize that even the clothes
on your back are more than just clothes. They carry with them an imperceptible label calling out your social status and suddenly, your whole life is
taken over by an insatiable desire to master the ever changing art of being cool. But, just what is this elusive artform and who decides it? Why are we chasing after a fickle construct that we, perhaps, might never catch up with?
Why are we so consumed by the need to define individual beings based on a set of arbitrary rules, that we lose our own identities?

Every single one of us is an inexplicable amalgamation of varied experiences, opinions and dreams. We cannot simply bind one another by the same imaginary fetters that hold ourselves back. Let us break free and take a stand. Let us take pride in moving from the mainstream. Let us embrace our bizarre selves, our inner Dr.Furters and work towards creating an environment that caters to that. For, why must we allow anyone but ourselves to decide the music we listen to, the colour of our hair or the size of waists?